Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the difference between your prepaid sim cards and the wifi eggs I rent?

Prepaid sim cards are a much more convenient form to stay online on your mobile device. Some cards will work immediately when inserting into your phone and some will require a quick and simple registration process that can be done through our online guides or through the materials included with the sim card.

We will also deliver the sim cards to your place of choosing, providing convenience and hassle free service.

As opposed to wifi eggs, you do not have to:

i) pick up the egg at a designated location (Sim Sim actually comes to you, not the other way around)

ii) recharge the egg or else you will not be able to go online if the egg runs out of power (you only need to charge your mobile device so you can use it!)

iii) you do not need to worry about returning the egg upon returning to Hong Kong or else you will be charged another day’s rental fee (just throw away the sim card after use!)

2) Will my mobile device work with your prepaid sim card?

Yes! Our prepaid sim cards will work with almost all mobile devices that require sim cards. One exception is that if your mobile device is “locked” and can only use your own home carriers service. In such a case you must get a phone that is unlocked in order to use our sim cards or to find a manner in which you can unlock your device.

Most of our cards are 3-in-1, meaning they come in nano, micro and standard sim sizes to be compatible with devices.

3) My prepaid sim card isn’t working? What do I do.

Please follow the instructions on the packaging provided to you to ensure that you have configured the sim card correctly. If required, also turn on roaming if instructed by the materials and ensure that you have data enabled on your device!

4) I’m going to ______ but I can’t seem to find a prepaid sim card for there on your website?

Thanks for your interest! We are continually looking at new sim cards to add to our catalog! All the cards we have are currently listed on our website, if you feel strongly or would really like a card for a certain destination, please let us know by email at! Thanks!

5) How do I pay?

You can pay online direct with your credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) or via paypal! Both payment methods are secure and encrypted so you can shop and buy safely!

6) How do I know these cards will work?

We have partnered with long standing and experienced telecom providers and third party providers to ensure that the products offered are legitimate! For some of the cards, they require activation or changing of settings on your mobile device. Please see our instruction pages for further information and assistance!

7) Have any comments or suggestions?

We love hearing from our customers! Feel free to contact us at at anytime! Thanks!

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