• Asia Multiple Country South Korea Japan Malaysia Macau 4G 3G Data Prepaid Sim Card

Asia 4 Countries Korea Japan Malaysia Macau 7-Days 4G 3G 3GB Data Prepaid Sim Card

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4 Asian Country - Japan, Macau, Malaysia, South Korea 7-Days 4G/G 3GB Data 

Telecom network:          Supports 4 countries and networks. Please see below table.  
Network speed: Please see below, depends on location and network.  
Data usage:  3GB  
Usage duration:  7 days  
Card expiry:  2017 December 31  
Country  Telecom Network        Network Speed
Japan Docomo 4G
Macau 3Macau 3G
Malaysia Digi  3G
South Korea        SK Telecom 3G

Details and Instructions - English

Details and Instructions - Chinese

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